Catholic Schools Week

Celebrating Our Faith
Sunday 1/27

All families, teachers and staff, please join us at the 10AM family mass at Annunciation Church to begin Catholic Schools Week
Annunciation School Open House -> 11:00AM – 1:00PM

Celebrating Our Community
Monday 1/28

Service Projects/ Initiative led by our Girl Scout Troops
Surprise Assembly – 1:15PM (Students)

Celebrating Students
Tuesday 1/29

8th Grade Student/ Faculty Volleyball Game (Student and faculty)
Pizza Party (Pizza lunch for purchase, details to follow)
Celebratory Ice Cream donated by Bo DiBuono
Crazy Hat/Sock Day -> All students can wear crazy hats and socks with their uniforms

Celebrating Our Nation
Wednesday 1/30

Catholic Schools Week School Proclamation Ceremony officiated by Mayor Spano 9:30 AM
Parents are welcome to join us in the gym. Doors will open at 9:10AM

Celebrating Vocations
Thursday 1/31

Grandparents Visiting Day – 9:00 – 11:00AM. Grandparents are welcome to visit the classrooms throughout the morning
Clergy and Altar Servers Recognition – 1:15PM (Students and faculty)

Celebrating Faculty and Staff
Friday 2/1

First Friday Mass -> All are welcome to join!
STEAM assembly (Students)
Picnic Lunch in the Classrooms (Details to follow)
Open House -> 8:30AM – 9:30AM

Annunciation School Mission Statement

The mission of Annunciation School, a ministry of the Catholic Church, is to enhance and strengthen spiritual values while educating students to the highest standard of academic excellence! We are committed to inspiring students and encouraging them to move forward in pursuit of their fullest spiritual, academic, social, and emotional potential.

Annunciation School Philosophy

As a Catholic elementary school community, Annunciation School will:

  • teach students to embrace Jesus and all His teachings, to share His message with those they meet, and to enhance their lives through service to others;
  • recognize each student is a unique creation made in God’s image with unique gifts and talents who must be nurtured at home and at a school to reach his/her full individual potential;
  • encourage cooperation and mutual respect between parents and educators to provide students a solid spiritual and academic foundation;
  • employ faculty and staff who are faith-filled, dedicated, knowledgeable, and competent in their professions who will provide the best possible faith and academic instruction to address the needs of each child from a spiritual, moral, intellectual, social, and physical perspective; and
  • encourage students to use their knowledge and love of God and of all creation to improve the communities in which they live with their kindness, honesty, fairness, self-discipline, and high level of Christian morality.