Annunciation School is fortunate to have a full time mathematics instructional coach on staff.  The instructional coach not only works in the classroom with students and teachers, but also works closely with teachers in Grades 3 through 6 to continue to improve our math instructional practices.

All students in Grades K through 8 participate in an online program called Mathletics.  This program is individualized and inherently differentiates to allow students to achieve mastery, while also helping to reinforce concepts and skills learned through the school day.  The program is also aligned to our math curriculum.

 Students in Grades 6, 7, and 8 are placed into an at-level class or an accelerated class for mathematics.  This allows for smaller class sizes in these grade levels and allows the teacher to provide more individual attention to all students in math instruction.  A final math average of 90 or higher, ITBS results, and a scholarly work ethic are factors in determining placement in the accelerated math program. Eighth grade students who participate in the accelerated math program prepare for and take the Algebra I Common Core Regents exam in June.