Grades 6-8 Middle School

Our middle school students in Grades 6-8 rotate classes throughout the course of the school day.  Within our middle school model, students have the opportunity to have departmental subject area teachers who are proficient in their craft. Departmental Instruction includes:

  • ELA
  • Math
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Religion
  • Special Subject areas



 In middle school the ELA curriculum encompasses the following: Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening, and Language. 

  • Voyages in English Grammar
  • Vocabulary Workshop
  • Extensive Novel Studies
  • Research Based Writing Projects


Mathematics Curriculum→ Envision Math

  • Integrates problem-based and visual learning to assist students in gaining a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts. 
  • Students have opportunities to connect real world scenarios to mathematical concepts.
  • Collaborative exercises are included to develop critical thinking skills.
  • Students are assessed regularly both informally and formally.
    • Assessment data is utilized to drive and tailor instruction.
  • The series supports student choice and opportunities for students to learn in school and at home.
  • Via the Savvas Realize Learning Management system—materials are available to edit to meet the needs of each student. 
  • In our grades 6-8 we have two different tracks for mathematics standards. BOTH classes at-level and accelerated math classes. Both classes cover the grade level standards. Our accelerated math class in grades 6-8 covers the grade level standards at an enhanced pace.
  • Students in the accelerated math class in Grade 8 participate in the Algebra I Regents.
    • Eligibility for accelerated math depends upon the culmination of:
      • Academica report card grade,  ITBS scores, MAP scores, teacher recommendation
  • Supplemental Resources: IXL, Khan Academy



Christ Our Life, Loyola Press

  • The series teaches students about Jesus and how to progress on their faith-filled journey.
  • Supports students’ growth as disciples of Jesus.
  • Students learn the pillars of our faith.
  • Students learn church history and study sacraments, the worldly church, and deeply delve into Old and New testament studies.
  • Students learn to become witnesses of the church.


Science & Social Studies→ 

  • Teachers utilize Discovery Education Techbooks for both science and social studies along with a plethora of supplemental resources. 
  • In social studies, students conduct research projects according to the era they are studying and are responsible for developing thesis statements, conducting research, and learning how to cite primary and secondary sources. 
  • STEM based activities are implemented in science classes.
  • Lab activities are built in to grades 6-8
    • Students participate in a variety of hands-on experiments throughout each unit



  • Students in grades 6-8 have 1:1 devices to support their learning in the classroom.
  • Students actively utilize google tools to support their learning.
    • Teachers create assessments and assignments on Google Docs and Google Forms which allow for direct feedback to be provided.


Students in middle school are encouraged to develop strong work ethic, study habits, and commitment to their studies. Our rigorous middle school curriculum prepares students for high school and beyond. We work to support our students to grow spiritually, academically, and personally.