Home School Association

Annunciation Home School Association (HSA)

The Home School Association consists of the pastor, principal, and a representation of Annunciation parents.  The purpose of the organization is to facilitate communication and cooperation between school and the home. Annunciation’s HSA provides a family connection to the school by promoting family involvement for the betterment of all children through family events and fundraising activities. The HSA strives to assist the school in providing an environment which integrates academic excellence with Christian values.  Events that are sponsored by the HSA include Italian Night, the fall and summer book fairs, the annual Father Daughter Dance, Family Bingo and Lip Sync.  The HSA also provides author visits and assembly programs throughout the year.

Class Parents

Class parents provide invaluable support to the classroom teacher throughout the school year.  They help facilitate class celebrations and work with the school administration as necessary.

Class Parents 2017-2018

Class Parent CoordinatorMrs. Vanessa Castellano
PreK-3 Mrs. Suzanne Flynn
PreK-4 Mrs. Vera Gilchrist and Mrs. Melanie Fortuna
KA Mrs. Christine Downs and Mrs. Delia Minson
KBMrs. Megan Cosgrove and Ms. Tara Renzi
1AMrs. Aisling DeSola and Mrs. Mary Tomkins
1BMrs. Beth Clarke and Mrs. Angela Kelly
2AMrs. Maura Andrews and Mrs. Barbara Kelly
2BMrs. Lenia Lopes and Mrs. Michele Mancini
3AMrs. Jennifer Downes and Mrs. Tina Gannalo
3BMrs. Mairead Treacy and Mrs. Diane Matuzak
4AMrs. Tara Monaco and Mrs. Jennifer Squillante
4B Mrs. Nuala Mahoney and Mrs. Susan Recine
5AMrs. Roseann Donnadio and Mrs. Danielle Tauber
5BMrs. Andrea Singer and Mrs. Krista Brown
5CMrs. Kathleen Moyna and Mrs. Lisa Sohr
6AMrs. Patricia Tobin and Mrs. Mary Haugh
7AMrs. Christine Canale, Mrs. Crista Castelli and Mrs. Tori Grassi
7B Mrs. Ann Drew and Mrs. Donna Cirulli
8AMrs. Debbie Cronin,
Mrs. Shannon Dufresne, and Mrs. Jeannie Roque
8BMrs. Alecia Leung and Mrs. Margaret Tannian