September 25, 2019

Welcome back! We hope you had a restful Easter recess! It is hard to believe it is May! On Sunday, Bishop Massa along with Fr. Grippo, Fr. Kareem, and Fr. Sal anointed the Annunciation school and Our Lady of Fatima religious education students with holy chrism. They excitedly took the next step in their faith in receiving the sacrament of Confirmation!

Annunciation School

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September 25, 2019

Dear Families:

         Happy Autumn!  We welcomed the new season Monday with the blessing of warm temperatures!  We hope to keep enjoying the fall air.  At the end of last week, I asked our faculty to consider taking a lesson or two outside!  This week a few of our classes have already taken the chance to learn outdoors and the children (and teachers) have enjoyed this experience! 

         Thank you for coming to Back to School Night!  It was a wonderful evening!  We hope  you enjoyed being a part of your child(ren)’s classrooms even if it was for an abbreviated time.  We still have calendars left, if you are interested in purchasing one, please contact Mrs. Sinnott.

         Our school committees have begun their meetings and planning for the 2019-2020 school year.  I’d like to thank our HSA and class parent committees for their foundational meetings this week and I am excited for your partnership.  There are so many ideas that have been shared that will benefit your children and I am thrilled to be working among you all!

         Tomorrow, we look forward to partnering with the Religious Education HSA to welcome new families of AES, new religious education families, and new parishioners at the cocktail reception scheduled!  This evening is an opportunity for us all to share how much we love being a part of this community – we know our new families will share that sentiment.

         Just a few safety reminders for drop-off/ pick-up:

  • Please do not block the bus stop. 
  • Please do not block the crosswalk.
  • Speed: though we know everyone is in a hurry, please be mindful of your speed on St. Elenoara’s Lane.  Our children’s safety is paramount and we do not want them to be fearful of crossing the streets.  Please reduce your speed on this street.
  • Playground: Please do not allow the children to jump over the fence and enter the playground after school.  The children can seriously injure themselves doing this and we want them to be safe!  Please monitor this activity.

         We welcome you to join us for our Mass of the Holy Spirit on Friday at 10AM.  Just a reminder we will have a noon-dismissal.  This week, our 5th graders will be participating in the Family Mass on Sunday at 10AM. ALL are welcome and encouraged to attend our family masses! 

** After school clubs begin next week.   Please submit your registration forms! **

“Life starts over again when it’s crisp in the fall.” -F. Scott Fitzgerald

Calendar Information:
9/26 – Thursday – 7A  Confirmation Retreat – New Parishioner/New Religious Ed Parent Cocktail Party – 7PM (Gym) – BAND FORMS DUE
9/27 – Friday – 10AM Mass of the Holy Spirit – Noon Dismissal
10/3 – Thursday – 7B Confirmation Retreat
10/4 – 10AM Mass  – Noon Dismissal – Faculty Meeting – Fall Festival – 6PM, Gym

List of Attachments:
AES Directory Form
Children’s Choir Letter & Registration Form (2 pages)
Fall Festival
Midnight Run Flyer
Holy Name Society/Notte Della Dinner Info, Registration & Sponsorship (3 pages)
Code/Play/Learn Flyer
Drama Bee Information Flyers (2 pages)
Children’s Liturgy Family Mass Schedule


Caitlin Geraghty

Educating Students in a Catholic Tradition of Excellence for 75 Years