Wednesday Weekly – June 20, 2018


June 20, 2018


Dear Families,


 Please note the following information for this week:

End of Year Blessing

May God’s blessing go with us today,
At the end of this school year we pray.
That you keep us safe and give us rest
So we start again renewed and refreshed.
Full of health, full of fun
Ready to come and learn again.

May God’s blessing go with us today,
As we begin our school holiday.
Give your peace and your joy,
To every girl and every boy.
Help the teachers to enjoy the break,
and prepare and plan for the new intake.

May God’s blessings await us next year,
To embrace each new challenge without fear.
Fill this school with your love, 
and guide our hearts from above.
Full of faith, full of hope,
full of joy, and full of love. 


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Calendar Information
June 25th Report Cards Mailed Home
September 5th First Day of School

Thank You!
Please join me in thanking the following members of Annunciation School who will be leaving us this June:  Miss Benson, Mrs. Loughery, Mrs. McEnerney and Mrs. Satterlee.  Thank you for your dedicated service to Annunciation School and to Catholic education. The students’ lives have been enriched by your instruction and guidance, and your colleagues have been blessed to work with you.

Summer Reading and Assignments
Information is posted on our website for your convenience.  Go to the family login and then click on archives.

School Technology Update
Thanks to a grant we have received 48 13-inch MacBook Air computers, 2 charging stations, 2 projectors and 2 screens for the gym.  What a wonderful upgrade to our current technology!  School presentations, drama productions and assemblies will be spectacular next year!

School Supplies
We are pleased to announce that we will be using A. Hartz Pack to School as our pre-packaged school supplies program again this year. The teachers have already input their itemized list of supplies, which is now available for you to order online.  The website to order the supplies is: All of the supplies will be delivered to the school and available for pick up in the gym, dates will be confirmed soon.  This program is completely voluntary. However, if you choose not to use it, you still need to purchase the same products as found on the website.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Robin Spillane, parent coordinator, at RobinSpillane@yahoo.comSupplies will be available for pick up in the school gym on August 29th and September 4th from 5PM-8PM.

Mathletics Over the Summer
Mathletics will be available to all students in Grades K-8 over the summer.  Your child’s username and password remain the same as it was during the school year.  All lessons in your child’s current grade level have been made available to the students.  When your child logs in, s/he will not see a vault with an assigned lesson, but rather all the lessons and activities will be available.  Live Mathletics will also be available.  We encourage you to use this resource over the summer to help your child review, practice, and retain knowledge and skills acquired during the past school year. 

Track News
On Sunday, June 10th, the Annunciation Track Team competed in the Archdiocese Track and Field Championships at Icahn Stadium.  Congratulations to the Girls and Boys teams for placing first in Westchester County. The following team members received medals in their events:  Emily Bresciani (1st place-shot put, 3rd place-long jump); Emma Barnes (1st place-1500m); Maddy Barnes (2nd place-100m, 2nd place-long jump, 3rd place-400m); Emily Baron (2nd place-400m, 2nd place-shot put, 3rd place-100m); Elizabeth Fitzmaurice (1st place-long jump, 2nd place-1500m); Kate Sohr (1st place-400m, 2nd place-shot put); Sophia Caruso (3rd place-long jump); Benedetto Caruso (3rd place-400m, 3rd place-800m); Daniel Davitt (1st place-shot put, 1st place-javelin); Gavin Flynn (2nd place-800m, 2nd place-1500m); Sean Cronin (2nd place-400m); Sean Kennedy (1st place-1500m, 3rd place-800m); Davey Davitt (1st place-200m, 1st place-400m, 1st place-800m); Patrick Sohr (2nd place-shot put); Tommy Fitzmaurice (1st place-800m, 1st place-1500m; 2nd place-long jump); Ciaran Phibbs (3rd place-1500m); Johnny Bogdanowicz (2nd place-1500m); and Ryan Cronin (2nd place-1500m).

God bless!

Maureen Noonan